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Backing up your data

I just signed up - how do I back up my data?

These are some of the most common questions we get.
  • How do I start it?
  • When is it going to backup again?
  • Can I back it up whenever I want?
  • How do I find that backup?
  • Why would I need to back it up manually?

Fear not - these are all questions we can answer here :)

How do I start my backup?

If you've just signed up - your backup has started! It requires no effort on your part whatsoever. Your first back up is an automated process that begins the moment you pick a plan.

When will it backup again?

All our platforms backup data every day. So you'll have daily backups in addition to any manual backups you may choose.

Can I back up my data whenever I want?

Manual backups can be performed on most plans except the $3 Basic plan. On the main page of the Rewind App is a blue and purple button that says "Backup Now". 


If you click the "Backup Now" button will change to saying "Backup In Progress". This means the manual backup is going to start any moment. 

If your blue/purple button says "Update To Backup Now" it means either

  1. You need to upgrade your plan to one with Manual backups
  2. You have to CHOOSE a plan!

If your button says "Backup is Scheduled" then you might have a backup or a restore in progress. This means we can't perform a manual backup until your current backup or restore is completed. The button will return to normal after the manual backup is finished.

Why would I want to do a manual backup?

Manual backups are valuable before making any significant changes to an e-commerce store or QuickBooks Online file. Especially if you are unsure what the impact of the change will be. A manual backup will allow us to catalogue any of the changes you've made so that we can undo it!

If you don't have a plan with real-time change backups then you'll definitely want to run a manual backup if you intend to do a same-day-restoration.