Backup FAQ

Common questions about Rewind Backups

Here are our most frequently asked questions specifically about our backups.

How long does it take to complete the first backup?

The first backup takes the longest because we have to catalog all your account information for the very first time. You should expect it to take as long as an hour for the first backup depending on how large your account is and how much data is in there.

However subsequent backups are much faster.

Are the backups done in the cloud, local, or both?

We are proudly a cloud based backup service. This means all of our backups are stored online, in secure, encrypted servers so that you have the convenience of accessing them from wherever you are in the world no matter what happens.

This also saves you from having to fill up your local drive with redundant backup files.

Can I keep access to my backups even if I delete my Shopify/QuickBooks Online/BigCommerce account?

Yes, absolutely. 

So long as you maintain your active Rewind account, you can continue to sign into your Rewind account (using the owner email on file) and view your backups, regardless of whether you choose to close down your QuickBooks Online/Shopify or BigCommerce account.

*Please note that while you can maintain your Rewind account on its own and continue to have access to your backups, if your account is deleted, you will be unable to perform a restore.

Can I download my backups?

At the moment Rewind is an entirely cloud based service - meaning all of your data is stored online, in our secure, encrypted servers. This does mean that at the moment we do not offer exports as part of our regular service.

We do have the ability to export a JSON file of your data for a fee. Please contact support if you require a hard copy of your data and we'll be happy to work with you to find a solution.

Can I backup my account and then upload the backup into a new account?

Not at the moment.

We are currently in the testing phase for both QuickBooks Online Copy and BigCommerce copy which will allow the copy/transfer of data between accounts via Rewind however these are not ready yet.

Please visit to get more information on our copy features and when they will be available.

Does Rewind backup pages created by other apps?

Pages created by apps like PageFly or Shogun which allow users to create beautiful HTML pages and push them to Shopify CAN  be backed up.

These pages are created within the app - but wind up being published TO Shopify where we can see them and back them up.

Why aren't my Navigation menus being backed up?

At this time, Shopify provides us limited access to your store's Navigation Menus, per their current API and permissions. We've found a way to work around this until the time comes that Shopify provides Apps the necessary access to this data - however, this currently requires that your Navigation Menus be viewable to the public (in a live store).

Can Rewind backup settings?

Not at this time. Rewind cannot backup and save the Settings of either the store itself or other apps downloaded into the store, as they require permissions that Shopify does not grant us access to.

How much data can I see per item in the vault?

If you open up a product or your theme in the vault you may notice we do not display all of the information we have backed up. 

At the moment we only display enough information that may aid you in correctly identifying the item you want to restore. For some items this will mean more information than others. 

If you wish to see more information check the "source code" button.

How/Where is my data located? Is it encrypted?

Absolutely. As a backup company we take security very seriously - too seriously to be summed up in a short FAQ like this. Check out this blog article on all of our encryption information: