What does Rewind backup for Shopify?

Shopify currently allows Rewind to backup and restore the following items:

  • Products and Product Images
  • Customers and Customer Tags
  • Orders (Not draft orders)
  • Collections (and their associated Products)
  • Blogs and Blog Posts*
  • Pages
  • Themes

When it comes to Products, Rewind backs up/restores all of the following properties:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Variants
  • Product type
  • Product vendor
  • Tags
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Bar code
  • Weight, etc. 

While Rewind is also able to backup and restore the URL path assigned on a Product itself, we do NOT yet backup/restore any URL Redirects that have been created in the Redirect Navigation Manager.

*We do not backup blog comments

*Please Note: Rewind cannot currently backup ALT TAGS for Products or Product Images, as this is considered metadata. At this time, because of Shopify's current API, Rewind can only backup - but this is something we're working to expand for the rest of our customers within the next few months.

Rewind also backs up but cannot automatically restore your:

  • Menu Navigation
  • Store Policies
  • Locations
  • Customer Saved Searches
  • Shipping Zones
  • Orders

While the app can't automatically restore this data, we do save it and can work with you to manually recreate/restore it, at your request.

Lastly, due to Shopify's current settings and permissions, Rewind is NOT yet able to backup and/or restore the following:

  • Store Settings
  • Other Apps (and the data located inside them)
  • Files (from the Files manager of your Store Settings) 
  • URL Redirects
  • Product Inventory
  • Product Reviews (as these are located within a separate app)
  • Store Analytics and Graphs/Reports
  • Customer Accounts* 

*We can backup/restore your Customer information, as located in your store admin under 'Customers' - but not your own customers' accounts, such as their login/password data, etc.

Why can't Rewind back those items up?

In most cases it comes down to lack of permissions. Items we can't backup are items we can't see. Shopify decides what kinds of items we can 'see' or access using API like products or themes, but restricts access to other things like Settings because of the sensitive information contained within.

Sensitive information like credit card numbers, your passwords, staff permissions and other information like that.