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What does Rewind Backup for Confluence?

What does Rewind Backup for Confluence include?

Rewind backs up the following Confluence items.

  • Pages
  • Spaces
  • Blog Posts
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Templates
  • Themes

Can I change the frequency of the backups?

Rewind’s automatic backups are performed on a daily basis by default. When you need an additional backup, you can initiate it from your Rewind account using the “Backup Now” function.

How long do you keep the backup snapshots?

Rewind keeps the backup snapshots for 365 days, which are easily accessible through your Rewind account for on-demand restores or downloads.

Do I need storage for the backup files?

No. Rewind backups for Confluence include unlimited cloud storage on Rewind Vault. You can access any backup version through the Rewind Vault by clicking versions and choosing a date from the calendar view.