Change Your Plan (Upgrade/Downgrade)

Upgrade or downgrade your plan in the GitHub Marketplace.

You can change your Rewind Backups for GitHub (BackHub) plan in the GitHub Marketplace. BackHub is billed on a per-user basis and the number of users you enter must be equal to the total number of GitHub Organization Members on your GitHub account.

To change your plan:

1. Go to Rewind’s GitHub Marketplace listing Click “Edit your plan”.

You must be signed in to your GitHub account that is associated with your Rewind account to see this option. 

2. Select the GitHub account you want to change your plans for.

3. After choosing your account, select a plan you would like to switch to.

4. Click on “Issue plan changes”.

Note: If you have more GitHub Organization Members in your account than your Rewind plan includes, you have 30 days to upgrade your account before your account is suspended.