Cloud Sync (Azure and Amazon S3)

With Rewind Backups for GitHub, you can sync your backups with your own storage in a few easy  steps. Rewind currently supports Amazon S3 Bucket and Azure Storage. 

After an easy setup, an additional copy of your backup snapshots will be automatically created on your storage of choice. This allows you to keep the backups for as long as you want and helps you satisfy the 3-2-1 rule as you can easily copy these files to a third storage location. 

How to Set Up Cloud Sync Backup for Azure Storage

Setting up the Azure cloud storage only takes a couple of steps. After selecting CloudSync option and choosing Azure Cloud, the first two steps require you to set up your Azure Cloud storage, settings, and permissions. Once you create a container and generate an access token, you can finish the setup from the Rewind Backups for GitHub app (BackHub) screen as explained below.


To set up Cloud Sync for Azure Storage:

  1. In the BackHub app, click on the menu item “Cloud Sync”.

  2. Choose the Azure Storage option from the dropdown menu.

  3. Following the steps on the screen, the first step is to “Create Azure Storage Container”. In your Azure account portal, create a storage account and enable versioning for that storage account. Then, create a container for that account.

    Note: Make sure that you’re using an empty container to avoid conflicts.

    How to create an Azure storage account: Please review Microsoft’s instructions on how to create an Azure storage account for most up to date information:

4. Following the steps on the screen, the second step is to “Create Blob SAS URL”. From your new container, go to Settings > Shared Access Tokens. Then, select “Account Key” signing method and grant Create, Write, Delete, and List permissions.

5. Set Start date to today’s date and Expiry date to when you’d like to end the Cloud sync. Please keep in mind that you can choose any end date for the Blob, but you need to update the Blob SAS URL before it’s expired so that backups are synced seamlessly.  For Allowed protocols, select HTTPS only.

Note: Please check out the Microsoft documentation for the latest information:

6. Continue with the last step on the screen, “Start Sync”. From your Azure account, click on “Generate SAS Token and URL” and paste Azure Blob SAS URL on the available section on the Cloud Sync setup screen (3.Start Sync section). To finish your setup, click “Start Sync”.

How to Set Up Cloud Sync Backup for Amazon S3

You can sync all your GitHub repository backups to Amazon S3 if you activate Cloud Sync. Backups are synced on a daily basis.

Before you can use Cloud Sync, you need to create a new bucket in your AWS account. We recommend using a new bucket without preexisting data in it to avoid naming and other conflicts.

Follow the instructions here to create a new bucket.

Make sure to use SSE-S3 for encryption. We currently do not support SSE-KMS encrypted buckets.


To set up Cloud Sync for Amazon S3:

  1. In Rewind Backups for GitHub app (BackHub), click on the menu item “Cloud Sync”.
  2. Type in or paste the name of your bucket to generate the bucket policy. The policy grants access to the BackHub AWS Cloud Sync user so we can sync backups to your S3 bucket.
  3. To save the policy to your S3 bucket, at AWS, go to Permissions > Bucket Policy to paste the policy from your clipboard. Read the AWS docs for further instructions.
  4. Start Sync.