Adding multiple users to Rewind

Share access to linked accounts by adding team members to your Rewind Organization

We're excited to launch multi-user support for Rewind! Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions about this feature.


Accounts vs. Organizations  - what's the difference?
Why would I need multiple users?
How to add/remove users



How do I enable multi-user support for my Rewind account?

It's already enabled! All Rewind accounts automatically have this new feature.


What is the difference between my Rewind Account and my Organization?

Your Rewind account represents you. It's the account associated with your user name (email) and password. Your Organization represents your company in Rewind, and is set up when you first sign up to Rewind. When you add team members in Rewind, you are adding them to your Organization.



What is the benefit of adding team members to my Organization?

By adding team members to your Organization, you can now share access to accounts that you back up with Rewind. Organization Owners can now manage their team members' access to linked accounts, allowing them to trigger backups, perform restores, etc. These team members will only be able to see and access the accounts that the Owner has explicitly added them to.


How do I know which Organization I have selected?

Because Rewind users can now belong to more than one Organization, you will now see and select your desired Organization via the new toggle under the top right User menu.




How do I add team members to an Organization?

You can now add and remove team members from your Organization via the Member Permissions view in Settings.

Clicking "Invite New" will open a new view to confirm the member's name and e-mail:


How do I remove users from an Organization?

Team members can be removed from your Organization by clicking the 'Manage Access' button next to their name in the Team Permissions view in Settings.


Who is the Owner? What does that mean?

The Owner of the Organization is the Rewind user who sets up the Organization during their Rewind Account sign-up. Only the Organization Owner can add/remove team members, and edit the saved billing information for the Rewind account. Only the Company Owner can manage a team member's access across to linked accounts.


My team members have role Admin? What does that mean?

Other than the Owner, all other team members will have the Admin role by default for the accounts they have access to. For accounts they have access to, Admins can see the vault, trigger a backup or restore, run a copy, etc. They cannot add/remove team members, manage other team members' access, or change billing info.