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How to: Exporting your backups

At the moment Rewind is an entirely cloud based service - meaning all of your data is stored online, in our secure, encrypted servers. This also means that at the moment we do not offer data exports as part of our regular service.

As an additional service we can export your most recent backup files as a JSON file for you to hold onto for $100.

How does it work?

If you're interested in having a local, JSON copy we can offer this service upon request. Simply reach out to our Support team and let them know you're interested in paying for a JSON data export. 

Our team will escalate this request to our billing team who will issue you an invoice - which upon payment will trigger an email to be sent to you with your file. 

You will have 10 days to open this email and access the file before the link is no longer valid.

Please note: We do not offer re-import services as part of this $100 fee. If you're looking to import your JSON file into a new account we recommend reaching out to a developer familiar with JSON file formats.