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How to: Finding your backups

If you need to restore something, finding what you lost is the first step to getting it back.

We backup all your data on an individual level - so if you deleted a customer, or made an unwanted change to your theme, you can use the Vault to find the individual backup file you need and restore it. None of your other data is compromised.

At first it can appear like a big jumble of information so we've created a filter to help you narrow your search, here's how to use it.

Using the Filter to find your backups

In all individual restorations you need to know two things: 

  1. What you lost/changed
  2. When it was last intact or in your preferred state

This means if you deleted a customer by mistake, the "what" is the customer file and the "when" is a backup date from before you deleted it.

  1. When you enter the Rewind app - you should be on the main "Vault" page, with the "All Items" tab selected - from here click the Filters button


In this view (the Shopify view) you can see all the types of backup files you might need to search for. For our example of an accidentally deleted customer, the filter (above) shows that I have selected 'customer' from the file options and then selected 'deleted content' since this customer was deleted.

When I click "Apply" it will display a list of all customers that have ever been deleted.


If you want to narrow down even further - you can select a date range from when you think the item was deleted or changed.

Viewing the file versions

Once you've found what you're looking for the next step is finding the version you want to restore.


As mentioned in backing up your data we run a backup program every day - but that doesn't mean we create a new version of every file every day. Otherwise your vault would fill up with identical, redundant versions. Instead we take a new backup whenever you change something.

What does that mean? It means that pulling up an item type in your vault may appear to have to 'gaps' in the backup history - but don't worry, we still have every version backed up, the gaps just mean it wasn't changed at all between the dates.


Now you've found your backup type and time - what's left? Restore it! Click here to find out how.