General Platform FAQs

Got questions about the platform? Check here!

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Rewind:

Does any part of Rewind touch the front end of the site?

No - We do not touch any part of your front end. We don't install any code in your theme, we don't add any tracking data, nothing. We are a strictly "run us in the background" app.

Will Rewind slow down my site when it experiences bursts of traffic?

No. Everything we do is run on the backend, and so we have no way to impact the load time of your website or QuickBooks Online account. 

Can I still work on my store while it's being backed up?

Yes! Absolutely. Whether it's editing and/or adding products, placing orders, managing sales, etc. you are safe to continue working as normal while backups are running - we ensure that Rewind will not cause any issues with this.

The most it might do is add a bit of extra time until the backup finishes, since there will be new data for the backup to save/capture to your Vault than what was already there.

Does Rewind inform me once my backup is complete?

For your first backup - yes absolutely. When your first backup is completed we send an automated notification letting you know it's done.

After that we send a weekly email summary informing you of the changes on your account.

Do you send an email when complete a manual backup?

No. The only email notification we send is for your first backup. All backups are covered in your weekly summary. 

The reason is that we backup your data every day, getting multiple emails a day about backups is the kind of cluttering mail we do not want to burden you with.

Is Rewind GDPR compliant?

Yes. Rewind is fully GDPR compliant. In addition, all of our European customers' data has now been moved to a European data center.

This Rewind blog post discusses this topic in more detail, such as the specific changes we've made in order to comply with this new legislation.

We have published our GDPR data processor terms online

Additionally, we've also updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the GDPR requirements for all Rewind customers. We encourage you to take a look over this if you have any questions.

What information is included in the Weekly Backup Summary/Change Report?

At this time, your Weekly Backup Summary/Change Report include:

  • The list (and breakdown) of all of the items we backup for you
  • Items active in your store
  • Everything that you have deleted from your store (cumulatively)
  • Everything that you have deleted from your store in the past week

Help! I can no longer see my linked account (QBO File, Shopify Store, etc.) in the top navigation bar. What happened to it?

Now that you can toggle between Organizations, the switcher in the top navigation populates with the linked accounts that belong to that Organization. If you are unable to see a linked account, it may be because it belongs to another Organization. Simply switch Organizations to view it.