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Item-Level Restores for Jira

Use Rewind to restore individual items in Jira Cloud

One of the ways that Rewind for Jira cloud can restore data is through an Item-Level Restore. An Item-Level Restore allows you to revert a specific item (ie. Issue) to one of its previous versions. This provides an 'undo button' for Jira Cloud, allowing you to recreate items that have been deleted, or simply revert unwanted changes.
How do Item-Level Restores work?
  • To complete an Item-Level Restore, simply pick the item you would like to restore from the main Vault View

  • Next, use the drop-down menu to select the version of the item you would like to restore. For a full list of differences between versions, change the view to JSON and scroll through the item's properties (changes are highlighted).

  • Click "Restore to this version" to begin the restore
  • Your Item-Level Restore will proceed in the background. Once it completes, you will receive a confirmation email that summarizes the results.
  • Note: While the restore is underway, we recommend you do not modify the item in Jira Cloud. This will ensure that the restore completes without interruption.
Note: Rewind for Jira Cloud provides a daily automated backup (ie. 'snapshot'). Before triggering an Item-Level Restore, it is recommended to use the Backup Now feature so that the latest state of your Jira Cloud instance is backed up. This will ensure that any changes since your last daily backup are saved.
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