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How does it work?

Rewind backs up data for ecommerce and accounting solutions in the same manner: at an individual level.

This means that every Rewind account contains within it a vault of every piece of data we back up stored as its own file.

What does a backup look like?

Many people imagine a backup like a single file - the whole account, the way it looked that day as a file with a backup date on it. Almost like a photo album with snapshots of your whole account that day.

Truth is our backups are more like a diary entry of everything you did that day that we save piece at a time. Imagine the work you did on your account broken down into each item you touched and each item having its own backup. 

We do this by using an Application Programming Interface (or API) to build a digital bridge between our software and your platform. It scans your account every day to see what new changes have occurred on the platform. All those changes are saved. During the process of backing up, Rewind's software sifts through thousands of lines of data, trying to play 'spot the difference' between the last backup it took to know what was changed, what was updated and what was deleted. 

So where's my backup file?

In the Rewind Vault! Your 'daily backup' may consist of two, three, or hundreds of files. It depends on what you changed that day. If you didn't change anything then Rewind maintains previous versions of your data.

These versions are stored securely, encrypted in our servers and available to you in the Rewind Vault. To learn more about how to find one of your versions click here.