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How to Copy your BigCommerce Product Catalog

Rewind Copy for BigCommerce allows Enterprise merchants to copy their product catalogue from their live store to their sandbox store.

Please note this app is only available to Enterprise BigCommerce stores. We are currently working on extending the functionality to Standard, Pro, and Plus BigCommerce stores. If you are not an Enterprise customer and are interested in this app, please let us know by emailing help@rewind.io


What does Beta mean?

When you install Rewind Copy you’ll see a page that welcomes you to the Beta for this product. Beta means the product is still new as we continue to improve it. It is free to use at this early stage!

What does Rewind Copy do?

Rewind Copy for BigCommerce enables you to connect your live store to your sandbox store and copy the product catalog from the live store to the sandbox store. Both stores must have the same store owner. 

  1. Install Rewind Copy for BigCommerce onto your live store from the BigCommerce App Marketplace. Once you’ve granted permission, you’ll be welcomed into the Open Beta for this product. 
  2. Next, you need to install Rewind Copy onto your sandbox store. Simply click “Link second store”. 
  3. Select your sandbox store from the dropdown menu that shows the list of your BigCommerce stores. 
  4. Like you did for your first store, now install the app from your sandbox store. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re ready to initiate your copy. While in Beta, Rewind Copy can only be installed on two stores at the same time. If you'd like to install it on a third store, you will need to uninstall it from one of your current stores.
  5. You can initiate the Copy from either store using the toggle switch. Double-check that the source is set to your live/ production store, and that your source is set to your sandbox store. Click ‘Start Copy’.
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