"I have restricted access to select repositories but still receive an over quota message."

Archived backups count against quota but can be deleted.

If you had given access to "all repositories" and then switched to "select repositories" to prevent your account being over quota, keep in mind that backups of repositories for which access is removed are archived and not deleted automatically (for safety reasons). That is why your account might still be over quota since archived backups also count against the quota.

To delete archived backups

  1. Open the panel of the repository backup you want to delete (archived backups are marked with a grey dashed outline).
  2. Click delete. The Delete button is in the footer section of the backup panel.

Note: When you delete a backup it’s removed permanently and can no longer be restored.

If you have many archived backups to be deleted, contact support and send us the names of the repository backups you want to delete. We can batch delete for you.