Infrastructure Security

Data access and privacy

Your business data is kept private to you. In limited circumstances, including where required by law or for technical support, specific Rewind personnel may be allowed to access live or backup data, production systems, or information security systems. For details, see the Rewind’s security portal at

Risk assessment

Rewind commissions risk assessments to identify possible vulnerabilities in security or systems. We work to resolve all severe and critical issues with highest priority.

Downtime reporting and notification

Our platform minimizes the need for downtime, including common system upgrades that could necessitate an outage. In the rare event of scheduled downtime, we notify customers by email at least 24 hours in advance.

Incident management

We request that you immediately report any and all suspected security or privacy incidents via technical, physical, or logical means to for priority ticketing and resolution management.

Rewind also keeps specialists on retainer to assist in the event of any intrusion, data breach, DDoS attack, or other issues requiring additional support.