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Installing Rewind

How to install Rewind on your Shopify, QuickBooks Online or BigCommerce account

Before you can begin backing up your data you'll have to install Rewind!

Installing can be done in two ways:

Installing through Rewind
Installing through the App Store

Installing through Rewind directly

Most applications require you to download an app and install it in your platform - but at Rewind, you can do just the opposite if you want and install your platform in Rewind!

You can start by creating an account.

  1. Go to app.rewind.io and click "Join Now" beneath the login
  2. Enter the relevant information for your organization, this may be your store name, accounting firm, or business name.
  3. Now that you've created your Rewind account it's time to link your platform and start backing it up!
  4. Click "Link Account" to see this popup and select your platform
  5. Selecting your platform will allow you to log in using your credentials and initiate your first backup. Congratulations you've successfully installed Rewind for your platform.

Installing Rewind through the app store

Today Rewind can backup up to three different platforms on one account: Shopify, QuickBooks Online, and BigCommerce accounts can all exist side by side!

Each one of these platforms comes fully equipped with its own App Store where you can find Rewind. 

Shopify App store

BigCommerce App Marketplace

QuickBooks Online App Store

For Shopify and BigCommerce clients, downloading Rewind is as simple as clicking:


For QuickBooks Online clicking will take you to our QuickBooks Online Rewind page where you can click "Get Started" and then follow the directions above to finish linking your accounts.