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Issue: Theme Images/Page Images are missing from copy

Rewind Copy has no access to copy images stored in your Settings > File Manager.

If you recently copied over your Theme and find that a lot of its Images are missing, this is because those Images were uploaded IN the theme editor but are STORED in the File Manager under your Settings.

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't yet provide a simple way for apps to access this Settings data, so Replay is not yet able to automatically copy over the data within your Files section.

Similarly, if you've copied over Pages and notice this same issue, it's also because those images are stored within the File Manager.

How to work around this:

Note: We recommend creating a new folder on your Desktop and having it ready before you begin, where you can save these Images. The simplest we can make this, the better!

  1. Using Rewind Copy, copy your Theme. After you've successfully finished copying your Theme, you'll receive an email from Rewind Copy with instructions on how to download your images
  2. If your Theme contains any Files from the Files section of your Store Settings, they'll have been compiled within a ZIP file and included within this email from Rewind Copy. The sentence you'll be looking for is: "Although we could not copy these files over directly to your destination store, you can download these files here."

Click on the word " here " to automatically download the ZIP folder containing your Theme's Files.

***Please note: The Files have been saved with their exact names as they were saved within Shopify. It's important that these names be kept the same, and are not changed.***

3. Go back into your destination store. At the bottom left-hand corner of the page, click on Settings.

4. From your Store Settings, select Files.

5. From the upper right-hand corner of the page, click Upload files.

6. Locate the ZIP folder, titled "asset_files", and then open it. From there, select everything within the folder and then click Choose.

All of the Media/Image Files within the ZIP folder will then be uploaded in bulk to your Store Setting's File section.

From there, because all of the Files' names match their names from the master store, Shopify will automatically sort all of the Files and place them where they need to go in the Theme.

No further action should be required on your end from there. :)