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Linking New Accounts

Rewind allows you to link MULTIPLE accounts for backup. If you have a few BigCommerce accounts or are a bookkeeper with multiple clients, these steps will let you link them all!

  1. Linking Shopify, BigCommerce and/or Quickbooks Online
  2. Linking Trello Boards
  3. Linking an Additional Shopify Account

Linking Shopify, BigCommerce, and/or QuickBooks Online

1. Login to your account by either accessing your app in your chosen platform or by going to app.rewind.io


2. Once you're inside look at the top of the page. You should see the global navigation menu :::(left), the account switcher (middle), a small drop down next to the currently active account name and a small + box (right).

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.20.12 PM

3. Click either the + button or the drop down and click the "Add Account" option. 


Or click the ::: button. The global navigation menu will appear and you should see another account switcher. Select the drop down and click “Add Account”.


4. This will bring up a popup allowing you to choose the platform you want to link. Follow the platform specific instructions to link the account. 


Congratulations! You have linked a new account. Your backup for this account will begin momentarily.

Linking Trello Boards

When you first connect your Trello account to Rewind, we will initiate a backup of all your boards. Afterwards, to ensure any newly-created boards are backed up, you’ll need to authorize Rewind’s access to them. To do so:

1. In the account switcher, click on “Add Account”.

2. Select “Trello”.
3. On the authorization page, please click “Allow”. This will re-authorize Rewind to back up any boards created since your last authorization. 
4. Done! You have successfully authorized Rewind to back up your newly-created boards.
5. Don’t forget to authorize Rewind’s access to Trello each time you or your team create Trello boards that require a backup. For peace of mind, we recommend backing up every single board.

Reauthorizing Rewind to Back Up Your Account

Linking an Additional Shopify Account

To add another Shopify store to your current account, you will need to head over to the Shopify App Store. From there, you'll need to download and install Rewind directly to the additional store.

Note that if your stores are under the same e-mail address, they will automatically be placed under the same Organization.