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Linking new accounts

Rewind allows you to link MULTIPLE accounts for backup. If you have a few Shopify accounts, or are a bookkeeper with multiple clients - these steps will let you link them all.

1. Login to your account by either accessing your app in your chosen platform or by going to app.rewind.io


2. Once you're inside look at the top of the page. You should see the global navigation menu :::(left), the account switcher (middle), a small drop down next to the currently active account name and a small + box (right).


3. Click either the + button or the drop down and click the "Add Account" option. 


Or click the ::: button. The global navigation menu will appear and you should see another account switcher. Select the drop down and click “Add Account”.

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4. This will bring up a popup allowing you to choose the platform you want to link. Follow the platform specific instructions to link the account. 


Congratulations! You have linked a new account. Your backup for this account will begin momentarily.