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How to Restore Groups and Teams data

How do I restore Groups and Teams data?

Rewind Backups supports the backup and restore of the following apps and services within Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. This is currently offered at no cost and is only available for Rewind Backups subscriptions which include both SharePoint & OneDrive for Business as well as Exchange.

To find and restore data in Groups & Teams:

  1. Log in to your Backups for Microsoft 364 account to access your backups. 
  2. Select the Groups & Teams tab. From here, you can filter for Groups or Teams.
  3. Select the Group or Team that you need to restore.
  4. Select the type of data to restore.
  5. Drill in to identify the data to restore.
  6. Select the item or items that you need to restore and click the Restore button
  7. For each restore option, review any details that appear, and click Confirm to proceed.

Note: When a restore operation is initiated, a spinner may not appear, but this doesn’t mean the restore isn’t working. Please allow for some time for the restoration to complete.