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SharePoint Full Site Collection Restore

How do I restore a SharePoint Full Site Collection?

When using Rewind Backups to restore a SharePoint Site Collection, a merge will restore the latest version of each item under the Site Collection. If a previous version of an item is desired, find the individual item, and select the version to restore.

Follow these steps to restore a SharePoint Site Collection.

  1. Click the ellipsis () in the Actions column of the Site Collection you want to restore.
  2. Click Restore full Site Collection.
  3. Click Confirm to proceed. A full restore of a SharePoint Site Collection can take a significant amount of time. Once the Site Collection has been restored, a notification will appear in the Alerts tab of the subscription.


SharePoint Site Collection in Recycle Bin

SharePoint only supports a single instance of a Site Collection URL. If Rewind Backups detects that a Site Collection exists in the SharePoint Recycle Bin, the following Error message will appear.

If deleting the Site Collection from the Recycle Bin is not an option, there are two additional ways to resolve this error.

  • Restore the Site Collection from the SharePoint Recycle Bin, then perform a merge restore with Rewind Backups.
  • Wait until the SharePoint Recycle Bin retention period has expired (30 days).

Note: SharePoint Online does not allow some Site Collections, including the root SharePoint Site Collection (e.g. midlandstransportation.sharepoint.com), to be removed from the Recycle Bin. For more information, contact Microsoft Support.


Rewind Backups does not restore site-level customization at this time.