QuickBooks Copy FAQ

Can I copy multi-currency accounts?

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online handles currencies in a way that makes this operation difficult.  The copy feature is still in its early stages and although we understand how helpful this particular feature would be, we don’t want to introduce something that has a high chance of failing.  This use case is likely to cause failures. We are always looking for ways to expand the product to support more of the use cases that are important to our users.
If you have multi-currency enabled in a source file and attempt to copy it to a file that doesn’t have multi-currency enabled you will not be able to perform a copy.  You also cannot perform a copy where the currencies are different between the source file and the destination file (ex. US File to CAD file).


Why does the destination QuickBooks Online file need to be empty before a copy?

If the destination file is empty it reduces the risk that there are data issues that will cause your copy to fail. We don’t want to risk overwriting or merging data that you may not intend to be overwritten or merged. This could change in the future but we want to ensure all your clients’ data is protected before you start.

How do I purge my QuickBooks Online file if my copy fails OR how do I empty it out before a copy?

To delete or wipe the data from a QuickBooks Online file please follow the following guide created by Inuit: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-us/help-article/intuit-subscriptions/delete-data-start-quickbooks-online/L0cpXkDlh_US_en_US

Why did my copy fail?

There may be failed or skipped items after a copy has completed. Rewind will provide a list of items that could not be recreated on the destination side so that the customer can address the root cause of these failures before attempting to copy again.

These failures are often the result of items in QuickBooks Online that cannot be created by an API user (Rewind) until they have been corrected by the user (Transactions without Tax Codes,  Journal Entries that do not balance etc.)