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Restoring an item: A step by step walkthrough

So something has gone wrong and you need to put it right. Don't worry - let this guide work as an example and guide to finding, and restoring a customer using Rewind.

In this example we are restoring a Customer that was deleted - but the process would be the same for any other deleted or corrupted data.



1. Log into Rewind and make sure you're on the "All Items" tab on your vault page


2. Use the search bar to search for the customer's name OR use the "Filters" button to search for Customers who were deleted. It will populate most recently deleted data first.

Step23. You should now see a list of customers that appears somewhat like this - with deleted customers appearing at the top. Find your customer and click "View Versions"


4. For a deleted Customer (or any deleted item) your "live" version will read this:


4 cont. The other side of the screen will show the available versions of this deleted customer to choose from. In our example my customer hasn't been altered since January - so I've chosen that version.


5. Once you've used the information on the "Selected Version" page to determine that you have the right one click "Restore to this version"


Congratulations! You have restored a deleted Customer or other item!