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Restoring Jira Data

How can I initiate a restore?

To initiate an Advanced Restore, simply log in to your Rewind account (either from rewind.com or in the My Apps menu in Jira) and navigate to the Advanced Restore tab. From there, choose the date/time you would like to Restore to, and click Restore.

Note: backups are taken every 24 hours, we recommend taking a backup using the Backup Now feature prior to initiating an Advanced Restore.

What happens to my current data when I initiate a restore?

When you initiate an Advanced Restore, the Rewind app will attempt to restore several Jira resources to exactly how they were on the date and time you selected. The full list of resources included in an Advanced Restore are listed below.

Triggering an Advanced Restore will:

  • Update all items modified since the date and time selected
  • Recreate all items that have been deleted since your backups started.
This process will not:
  • Delete any resources as part of the restore

Your current data as of the date of the initiation will be replaced with the data saved in the backup snapshot taken the day/time you’ve selected to restore to. So, if on Wednesday, you restore your data back to Monday, any changes made on Tuesday will not be present. 


What items can I restore?

Account-Level Restores include:

  • Projects
    • Restoring a deleted Project requires the Project Lead to be active in the Jira organization. If the Project lead is not present, the Project won’t be re-created during the Restore.
  • Project Components
  • Project Categories
  • Project Features
    • If a Project Feature has been deleted since the Restore point, Rewind cannot recreate it. But, if it has only changed since the Restore point, we can revert those changes.
    • Rewind cannot update the following Project Features: Backlog, Board, Issue Navigator, Reports, and Roadmap
  • Project Properties
  • Project Property Keys
  • Project Roles
  • Project Versions
  • Boards
    • If a Board has been changed since the Restore point, we cannot revert those changes. But, if it has been deleted since the Restore point, Rewind will recreate it as necessary.
  • Issues
  • Issue Attachments
  • Issue Comments
  • Issue Fields
  • Issue Links
  • Issue Link Types
  • Issue Properties
  • Issue Priorities
  • Issue Types
    • We can only restore global Issue Types and those used by Company-Managed Projects. We cannot restore Issue Types for Team-Managed Projects.
  • Issue Watchers
  • Issue Worklogs
    • If an Issue Worklog has been changed since the Restore point, we cannot revert those changes. But, if it has been deleted since the Restore point, Rewind will recreate it as necessary.
  • Epics
  • Sprints
  • Workflows


We are unable to Restore the following resources because there is no API from Atlassian:

  • Automations/Rules

    • Triggers

    • Conditions

    • Actions

  • Issue Votes

  • For customers on Free Jira Cloud subscriptions, Projects cannot be recreated or updated during a Restore.
  • Note: We will be continuing to add resources to our Advanced Restore feature with the goal of expanding its coverage to include the same resources that are backed up daily by Rewind.

Can I restore a single item only?

Yes, you can restore a single item using the new Item-Level Restore feature. Read more about it here: https://help.rewind.com/knowledge/granular-restores-for-jira

Does my data get written over when I restore?

Yes. Our Advanced Restore performs the restore on the linked Jira instance. To ensure the highest accuracy, please do not make changes to your Jira instance during the Restore.