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Rewind/Rewind Copy Support Policies

Rewind Support Policies

  1. What is support responsible for?
    1. Making sure all queries/tickets are answered in a timely manner¹
    2. Ensuring all clients are treated with respect and kindness
    3. Providing materials that assist in learning the platform and increase their general knowledge about platform materials
    4. Answering platform & Ecommerce related questions to the best of their ability and to an adequate level of completeness
    5. Taking reasonable steps to ensure identity before releasing billing or revenue information
  2. Support is defined as the service that:
    1. Answers “How to” questions
    2. Provides walkthroughs and instructs on platform use
    3. Responds to complaints
    4. Explains plan rates & have limited sales conversations
    5. Explains billing costs
    6. Takes feature requests and escalates them to the appropriate teams
    7. Handles any and all customer inquiries and comments
    8. Addresses incidences of platform misuse and responds to high-risk accounts
  3. Support is under no obligation to perform any of the following services:
    1. Assist in fraudulent practices or make exceptions for scams, phishing, or spam accounts
    2. Data imports back to our affiliated platforms
    3. Give business advice
    4. Discuss anyone else’s business, revenue or billing
    5. Provide refunds for services rendered
  4. Rewind Support staff will not tolerate abuse or bullying and abusive or bullying account owners may be removed from the Rewind/Replay platform.
  5. Rewind will not be held responsible for denying support services to abusive or bullying account members
  6. Rewind support staff are not responsible for the account data restores that are undertaken by the account owner²
  7. Support does not guarantee response times¹
  8. Rewind support staff have the authority to act with autonomy from the general policy to make decisions benefitting clients when empathy and integrity compel them

      We take security very seriously - support members do not have access to client data

      ²  Restores are initiated at the owners discretion and with their consent. Rewind will never initiate a rewind of data without explicit consent from the client - nor do we take responsibility for data restored to an improper time by the client.

      ¹ When can you expect to hear back?

      Support Hours: 
      Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm EST

      Saturday - Sunday 10am - 8pm EST

      These hours do not include major Canadian holidays

      Within normal support hours, you can expect to get a response from support no later than 2 hours after an inquiry is submitted. Typically less than that if you’re phoning in, or contacting us via live chat although we do not guarantee instantaneous response times.

      During periods of high activity in support Rewind will designate support resources to Critical issues first, then high priority non-critical followed by Normal incidents. Please see definitions for each support priority designation below.

      Questions that cannot be answered within normal support hours will be followed up on with the following support prioritization:

      Normal: 1-2 business days

      Critical: 1-12hrs 

      Support Prioritization definitions:

      Normal: Non-critical, question/issue that is not disruptive to business operations. Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration; bug affecting a small number of users where an acceptable workaround is available.

      Critical: Critical platform issue that severely impacts your use of the service. The situation halts your business operations and no procedural workaround exists.

      • Service is down or unavailable.
      • Lost or unavailable data has resulted in a business critical shut-down
      • A critical documented feature / function is not available.