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How to Transfer Rewind Account Ownership

Looking to move on from your company? Here's how you can make sure your Rewind account is transferred before you go.

There are many cases in which you may be leaving your company, or wanting to transfer the ownership of your Rewind account to someone else. But what does 'ownership' entail? And how does one go about transferring it?

Ownership of a Rewind account is different than being an Admin of a Rewind account. Being the account Owner infers ownership of the data contained within the account, and gives the user the authority to do the following:

  • Close the account/Cancel the subscription
  • Change the payment information on file
  • Request data Exports (for a fee in some cases*) 
  • Request copies of past inovices
  • Approve manual work on the data by our development team

At Rewind, we pride ourselves on our commitment to data security, this begins with our securely encrypted data transfer process (both in transit and at rest), and continues to our internal commitment to security with our SOC2 compliance. 

Ownership is no less important to us and plays a critical role in the security of your data. Only the owner can make certain changes to the account, and Support can only comply with certain requests when they're made by the owner on file. This is to ensure maximum security of your data as well as protects us against bad actors.

Transferring Ownership

To transfer ownership to another person you must first be the owner on file as shown in your Settings > Member Permissions page (shown below)


  1. Login to your Rewind account by going to app.rewind.com and logging in with your owner credentials (email and password)
  2. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click on the Profile Icon to see the options drop down:
  3. Click on the "Settings" Option from the drop down
  4. On the lefthand side select "Member Permissions" from the list of settings
  5. From here you can either Invite someone to join your organization (if the person you wish to transfer ownership does not exist in the list yet) Or continue to step 6
  6. Once you have a team mate in your Member Permissions list click "Manage Access" and then "Transfer Ownership" (Be sure to read the disclaimer in the popup before confirming)
  7. Confirm Transfer of ownership and you're done! You'll notice that your own name will now be listed as an "admin" on the file.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to reach out to us at help@rewind.com



*A $100 fee may be required to export file data into a JSON format if the client has been with us for less than 6 months.