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What can Rewind Copy (formerly Replay) copy?

Rewind Copy offers you the freedom to easily manage multiple stores - a great tool to create development sites, testing stores, and for running shops in different countries/languages/currencies, etc.

At this time, Rewind Copy can copy the following items from one store to another:

  • Products
  • Product Images
  • Product Metadata* (for Unlimited Plan customers only)
  • Product Titles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product type
  • Product vendor
  • Product Tags
  • Product Price
  • Product SKU
  • Product Barcode
  • Product Weight

We can also Copy

  • Pages
  • Blogs and blog posts 
  • Files*
  • Collections*
  • Themes***

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT copy Product Inventory

*FOR METADATA: At this time we can copy the following elements:

  • Product metafields
  • Metafields on Product Images, such as ALT Tags
  • SEO metadata

PLEASE NOTE: When using continuous copy - due to Shopify's webhooks, Metadata will not automatically update unless another aspect of your product has also changed. Rewind Copy is not notified of a change to metadata alone.

*COLLECTIONS: This includes all the Products in those Custom Collections. For Smart Collections, associated Products will only be copied over with the Collection if they have been MANUALLY sorted. 

*FILES: Rewind cannot copy files for Stores on a Shopify Trial Plan


At this time, Rewind Copy does NOT yet copy the following:

  • Store Settings
  • Navigation Menu(s)
  • Product Inventory 
  • Customers
  • Categories
  • Orders
  • Shipping Zones/Rates
  • Third-Party Apps (and their respective data)
  • Metadata for Collections

Why can't we copy these things?

Some things we have chosen not to include in a copy like Orders and Customers. Other things are functionally impossible at this time.

Settings, Menus, Shipping Zones:

Shopify does not currently allow API access to a number of items nested under the "Settings" umbrella. This includes navigation menus and shipping zones.

This also naturally includes everything else under settings, like your passwords, credit card information, address, staff or collaborator account info.

Shopify's settings contain secure information, and because of this - they do not allow us access to view or copy any of the data contained within.

Third Party Apps:

Third party apps are just that - third party. This means that they don't belong to Shopify or to the merchant, and we do not have permission to use the API to access and copy their data.

This includes copying the installation of apps from one store to another, and the data they contain for your account.

What about data pushed FROM an app?

Data that can be pushed from an app like pages made in a page maker, code that was manually placed in your <head> in the theme.liquid or products that were pushed from a dropshipping app CAN be copied as those pieces of information now exist INSIDE Shopify and can be viewed, and accessed. 

When in doubt about what can or cannot be copied from an app ask yourself "Where is it stored?" Do you have to access it by going to your Admin > Apps section? Or can you find it in your Online Store > Pages, Blog, Products etc. sections? If it’s the latter, we’ve got it covered.