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What does Rewind Copy for BigCommerce include?

Rewind Copy for BigCommerce allows you to copy your Product Catalogue

What we can copy:

We can copy the product catalog from a live/production store to and sandbox store. This includes:

  • Options set options
  • Option sets
  • Option values*
  • Product options
  • Product rules
  • Product SKUs
  • Products
  • Brands
  • Categories
  • Product complex rules
  • Product custom fields
  • Product images
  • Product modifiers
  • Product variants
  • Product videos 

What we don’t copy:

  • Theme
  • Pages
  • Customers
  • Orders


*A special note on option sets and edited option values. While we can copy options and option sets, we cannot copy “edited option values”. This means that if you have an option set enabled, but some option values disabled, we cannot preserve that setting in the copy. We will default to enabling all option values. To complete the replication of your live/production store, you will have to re-set the edited option values.