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In here you'll find all the kinds of things you'll want to know about getting started with a Rewind account

Using the Platform

Whether you're backing up a QuickBooks Online account or your e-commerce solution, we've got the info you need on using Rewind

Account Info & Billing

Updating your email, finding your subscription info, and everything else to do with your account is in here!

Rewind FAQs

All the burning questions you've got that don't fit anywhere else! In here you'll find answers to commonly asked questions and concerns

Rewind Backups for GitHub (formerly BackHub)

Here is where you can find all things BackHub! From how it works to snapshots, we've got you covered.

Rewind Backups for Jira

Click here to learn more about Backups for Jira! See how to install, what we backup, how to restore and more.

Rewind Backups for Confluence

Need some help with Backups for Confluence? Click here to learn things like how to install, how to start a restore and how the billing works.

Rewind Backups for Bitbucket

Click here to learn more about Backups for Bitbucket! Check out the installation instructions, what we backup, and how to restore your data.

Rewind Backups for Microsoft 365

Learn more about Backups for Microsoft 365! You'll learn how to backup each 365 App, the possibilities & limitations and a few advanced features.

Rewind Staging (formerly Copy)

In here you'll find all the info on how to use our Store Staging app - Rewind Staging, to copy and transfer your info between Shopify stores

Support Policies

In here you'll find helpful information about our support policies, security policies and links to our terms of service