How Does Rewind Backups for GitHub Work?

Rewind Backups for GitHub (BackHub) is a managed data backup and recovery solution for your GitHub repositories and metadata. Rewind automates your daily backups and provides on-demand restore capabilities without any coding. For the plan options, please refer to “Choosing the right plan” under the “Getting Started” section.

Backup Coverage

Rewind Backups includes your code and associated metadata hosted on GitHub, such as pull requests, issues, and more. For the full list of items included in the backups, please check out


Rewind Backups for GitHub is built as a GitHub app (BackHub app) and does not require any software installation to your local hardware. The set up process only takes a couple of minutes. You may find Rewind Backups for GitHub app (BackHub) on GitHub marketplace as a recommended app:

Automated Daily Backups

Once you complete your set up, your first daily backups are initiated and your future backups are scheduled. As you add new repositories, they will be also backed up automatically thus there’s no maintenance needed after the set up. 

All of Rewind’s backups are stored on the Rewind Cloud for 365 days if you have an Enterprise Plan (30 days for Professional & Individual Plans) and both plans provide unlimited number of repositories and unlimited cloud storage for backup snapshots. 

Restore to GitHub

Rewind Backups for GitHub provides several ways of data recovery. 

You can directly restore any repository and associated metadata to  your GitHub account by clicking restore after choosing a repository and a date from your Rewind account. Rewind’s restore app first creates a new repository in your account. It then pushes the repository and restores the metadata via the GitHub API.

Clone from Rewind: 

You can clone a repository directly from your backup on our servers, either from the current snapshot or from any previous snapshot available.  For authentication, we use the SSH public key attached to your GitHub user. 

Download Backups

You can download the repository and metadata backup from Rewind’s user interface. The repository download contains the full git repository, including all branches and commit history. Metadata comes in JSON format.