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How To: Exclude Certain Product Attributes from a Continuous, Automatic Products and/or Collections Copy

Replay has recently been updated to allow you the option of automatically and continuously copying over some - but not all - Product attributes on a real-time basis from your master store to your destination store(s), if desired.

The following Product attributes can be selected for exclusion during continuous Product and/or Collections copying:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Price
  • Compare at Price
  • SKU
  • Tags

*Please note that excluding specific fields is only a feature offered to Replay members on our Subscribed/monthly plan, and not the Pay As You Go plan.

***In addition, excluding specific Product attributes during a continuous copy can only be done on a "store copy" basis - not for individual Products. This means that: if choosing to exclude certain attributes during a continuous copy, they will be applied to ALL Products and/or Collections, rather than just a specific one.***


To exclude certain Product attributes from your continuous, automatic Products and/or Collections copy, please complete the following steps:

1. From the Replay home page, click "New Replay Task".

2. From the drop-down list, select "Copy your shop".

3. Under 'What to Copy', select "Products" and/or "Collections".

4. Below this list, select "Continuously Copy Changes".

5. Click "Exclude certain product attributes during copies".

6. Click the drop-down arrow and select which field(s) you want excluded during the continuous copy (once it has been established).

7. Lastly, select from which destination shop you would like to copy the Products to on this ongoing basis.

*Notice how the Summary on the right-hand side of the page continuously updates your steps so you can keep track of what is being copied (and NOT being copied) and to where.

8. From the upper right-hand corner, select "Replay Shop" to set up your continuous, ongoing copy, with these product attributes excluded.