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Managing Trello Backups with the Board Selector

Manage Trello backups with board selector

The Trello boards that are important to your organization may change over time so we’ve made it easy to manage the boards you’re backing up in the Rewind Vault.


To manage what you’re backing up, log into your Rewind account.


You may log in through app.rewind.com or via Trello if you have added Rewind as a Power-Up.


Once you’re logged into your account, navigate to Subscriptions. On the Subscriptions page, click “Manage Boards”.


Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 2.50.31 PM


You should see something that looks like the screen below. Select (or unselect) the boards you wish (or do not wish) to protect with Rewind.



Once you’re ready, click “Next” at the bottom of the screen.


To make changes to your board backups, you will need to give Rewind access to your Trello account by clicking “Allow”.


Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 2.28.13 PM


You will then be met with this page. Click “Confirm Plan Change” to complete processing the changes. You may notice your monthly payments change depending on the number of boards you added or removed from your Rewind backup. You will not be charged your new price until your next billing date.


Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 2.29.41 PM