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Rewind Copy Frequently Asked Questions

These are the kinds of questions we get all the time! Scroll through - and maybe you'll find yours!


Can I use Rewind Copy to duplicate someone else's website?
No - Rewind Copy can only copy data from stores that you have direct access to. For this reason it cannot be used to copy anyone else's shop or theme.

If I close the master store, will the Images or items I've copied over get deleted?
Your Images and Items are saved within the new store once copied over, so closing the master store will not affect/delete them. You're good!

I purchased a license for my Theme in the source store, do I need to purchase it again in the destination store?
Without a valid license, merchants are not able to receive support for the theme from the respective Theme developer.

We recommend contacting the Theme developer prior to using Rewind Copy to copy the Theme, to discuss their protocol and how best you can purchase the license in the destination store once the Theme has been copied over to there.

Is there a maximum quantity Rewind Copy allows to be continuously, automatically copied (i.e. for Products, Collections, Blogs, etc.)?

No, there is no maximum number of copy-able items that Rewind Copy can continuously, automatically copy over on a real-time basis from your master store to your destination store(s).

The larger the store, the longer it may take - but Rewind Copy will keep running until the copy is finished.

When cloning items, will Rewind Copy try and recreate them? What about their handle and ID?

Per Shopify's rules, no two items (even if one is a clone of the other) can share the same ID, even if their handle is the same.

If the item does not already exist within your destination store, Rewind Copy will copy it as a new item and create a new respective handle and ID.

Does this app work on Shopify stores with a lot of Products?

We have no problem backing up stores of all sizes - in fact, some of our clients run some of the largest Shopify Plus stores on the site!

It may take a while to copy everything over, but we minimize the time it takes to complete activities through the API.

Can I change an item in my destination store after the master store has been cloned?
Yes, you can easily clone the master store and then change the items (Products, Themes, Collections, etc.) in the destination store(s). These changes will not affect or alter the original items within the master in any way.

Can Rewind Copy copy Orders and/or Customers from one store to another?
At this time, Rewind Copy does not copy Orders and Customers. The customer would need another application in order to do this, or they would need to export the data and then manually import it into their new store.

Can I achieve a two-way sync between two stores?
Not at this time. Rewind Copy was designed and built to copy from one Source Store to a destination store or stores and cannot be linked in the opposite direction without the first connection being severed. Ultimately this means that Rewind Copy is only a one way sync. 

Why is my store's continuous copy taking over 24 hours?

If one of the item types you're copying over are products, please note that Rewind Copy can only copy over a max of 1000 variants a day unless your store is on a Shopify Plus subscription.