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Restoring your account: A step by step walkthrough

NOTE: This guide is NOT intended for Trello users.

You may want to restore an account after something has gone wrong and you're not sure what it is. Or you may want to undo mass changes made to your account whether it be Shopify, QuickBooks Online or BigCommerce. You can use the "Advanced Restore" tab to initiate an account restore to go back to a previous date in your account history.



Please note: Advanced Restores are only automatic for Shopify clients at this time. BigCommerce and QuickBooks Online clients can use the advanced restore tab - BUT it will be a manual process initiated by our Rewind developers. Please wait for someone in Support to contact you. They will want more details about your restore to ensure we can help properly.


1. Click on the "Advanced Restore" tab on the main vault page to bring up the options for advanced restores. From here you have the choice to restore items in bulk, or everything


The above image shows item types for a Shopify account - your account may show different items.

2. Select "All Item Types" if you want to restore your entire account

date and time

3. Select the date you wish to restore your account to. This restoration will be made up of dozens of individual backup files, some from the date you select, others from different backup dates. When combined they will overwrite live data to how it appeared on the day you requested. 

4. Unlike restoring an individual item - you will be emailed when the restoration process is completed. Depending on the size of your account, and the complexity of your data this may take several hours.