Restoring your data FAQ

Every day we answer questions about how to restore your data - so we hope this will save you some time as we've compiled the most asked ones here!

Can I use Rewind to clone my Shopify/BigCommerce/QuickBooks Online Account?

Yes! We now support the copy/transfer of data between accounts via Rewind. Below you'll find the app listings for each platform.

Shopify: Rewind Copy (formerly Replay)

BigCommerce: Rewind Copy

For Quickbooks Online clients, the copy feature is available within your Rewind vault.

Does Rewind work for accounts with a lot of products/data?

Yes! We have no problem backing up stores of all sizes - in fact, some of our clients are backing up enormous Shopify Plus stores, and hundreds of QuickBooks Clients.

Though it may take a while to back everything up, we minimize the time it takes to complete activities through the API. You are covered!

Do I restore items by version? Or by date?

Both! We can help you restore your data by a particular version or by date in a bulk restore. Check out how to restore 3 ways here!

Will my items ever be lost or deleted during a restore?

Rewind never deletes any items when restoring. We only would ever touch the data that physically existed within your store at the specified date/time selected. Anything created after that wouldn't be affected by the restore.

Rather than take the risk that we would delete something incorrectly that is of value to you, customers can simply choose to manually delete the items that they need to, when necessary.

I lost my data and THEN installed Rewind. Can it restore my data?

I'm afraid not :( Rewind can only retrieve and restore saved data/previous versions of the store that have already been backed up within the Rewind app itself.

If you don't have any previous backed up versions - we have nothing to pull from.

Can I restore my entire account at once?

Yes! Absolutely. For some customers this will be an automatic process - for others a job for our developers. Check out how to restore your account here!