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Setting up your Rewind Account

Welcome to Rewind - you're almost there.

After you've just signed up follow this checklist of items to be absolutely sure you're good to go!

  • Log into Rewind at app.rewind.io and make sure you can locate your Vault Page
  • If you're setting up multiple accounts - find the "Account Switcher" either at the top of the page and the Link New Account button with the + sign next to it OR in the Global Navigation Menu by clicking the ::: button
  • Choose a plan from the Subscriptions tab at the top of the page
  • Watch to see some of your items begin to load into the Vault page for the first time - this means your backup is running!
  • Check the date and time for your next scheduled backup 

If this is your only account then congratulations! You can officially 'set it and forget it'. Close the window and go about your day having peace of mind that your data is secure.

If you're wanting to back up MULTIPLE accounts - then don't fret! Follow these steps to get them set up:

  1. At the top of the page where you found the one of the account switchers, click the "link new account" button
  2. Select the platform and account you want and enter any credentials you have to connect it
  3. Select an appropriate plan for this new account (for QuickBooks Online this will be the Accounting Pro plan)
  4. Don't worry if not all of your accounts begin backing up at the same time. The first will finish and then the next will start.