Trello FAQ

If a board is deleted from Trello, will Rewind continue to back it up?

You bet! Rewind will continue to back up your deleted board in case you or your team wish to restore it later. As a backup and recovery app, we've seen thousands of accidental deletions and we're here to assure you that even deleted content will remain backed up in the Rewind Vault.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to disconnect one of your boards from Rewind Backups for Trello, please get in touch with our team at with a brief explanation of your request.


If a new board is created in Trello, will Rewind automatically back it up?

No. When you first authorize Rewind to back up your Trello boards, Rewind will automatically start backing up all of your boards. Afterward, if you or your team create new boards, you will need to reauthorize Rewind to access your newly created boards and back them up.

Click here for a guide on how to reauthorize newly added Trello boards.


I’m interested in backing up many boards. Does Rewind offer volume discounts?

If you are looking to back up 30+ boards, please contact


Can I restore a single card?

At the moment, Backups for Trello does not support granular restores. Users can restore an entire board using the Advanced Restore tab in the Rewind Vault. However, we are working towards making individual and bulk item restores available in the near future.


Can I restore my drop-down menu?

At the moment, drop-down menus can be partially restored. When you perform a restore, you will see your drop-down menu and its options back on your board. However, you will need to manually assign the drop-down menu values anywhere a drop-down menu exists on your board. You can use the version history view in the Rewind Vault to determine which values were assigned to a drop-down menu on any given date.


I performed a restore but my Custom Fields are missing. What can I do?

Custom Fields are a Trello Power-Up. When performing a restore, you need to ensure that the Custom Field Power-Up is added to the board you’re restoring. To restore your Custom Fields from a deleted board, first restore the board you wish to bring back to a previous point in time. Once the board is back in your Trello account, add the Custom Fields Power-Up to your board. Then, perform a second restore to the same date and time you originally selected. Now that the Power-Up exists on the board, you will see its Custom Fields restored as well.


How long will the Advanced Restore take?

Advanced Restores should only take a few minutes to complete. Boards with an exceptionally high volume of data may take a few hours to restore. Backups for Trello users will receive an email notification upon completion.