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Your Rewind Invoices

Finding your rewind invoice

Rewind offers subscription plans to suit your platform - and direct billing for most of them!

Your invoices will be emailed to you every month to the owner email on file. 

For direct bill clients (BigCommerce and QuickBooks Online clients) we bill directly using a payment processor called Stripe. Through this platform we're able to securely process your valid credit card payment entered on the Subscription page.

How do I find my owner email?

The owner email is the email that you signed up with. This email may be the email you entered when you created an account at app.rewind.io OR it may be the account owner email on file with your platform. 

If you're unsure which email we are sending your invoices too please contact help@rewind.io to find out :)


Please note: Shopify clients are billed through Shopify - your payment breakdown can be found in your Shopify invoice every 30 days as per their schedule